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East Bay IANDS usually has a speaker or panel, with topics either

directly related to NDE's or spiritual growth.

While our attendees include a number of people who

have had near-death or other spiritually-related experiences,

many non-experiencers come to learn about these

life-transforming events, and to ask questions of NDErs face-to-face.


We provide a friendly, open, and supportive environment.

Our meetings include a break for socializing, and time at the end

to meet the speakers.


You are encouraged to bring refreshments for sharing! 

Please bring slippers for use in the meeting room.

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TUESDAY, JUNE 18,  7:30 – 9:30 PM

Rudramandir, 830 Bancroft  Way,  Berkeley




















Four-time Near-Death Experiencer




What is your life’s purpose?  Why are you on this particular planet at this particular time in history?  Why are you living your life the way you are living it?  Is there some deeper meaning to your existence?  Did you agree to be here, and if so, what other agreements do you have while you are here?  Is who you are limited to just your five senses, or even to your six?


“These and many other questions were answered for me at age 17 just shortly after I slammed my motorcycle into a stationary car at more than 100 miles per hour.”  … Prana Sati, after his first NDE in 1979


Prana Sati is the rare individual who has had  four near-death  experiences.  But put that number aside.  The real story is his immensely detailed account of the wisdom  he received during his visits to the Other Side.


Yes, says Prana, everyone signs a pre-birth agreement – his even included agreement to have his NDE’s.  We choose our parents and many other details, forming our Cosmic Blueprint.   The  future is not set in stone.  “All those potential realities were based upon where I was choosing to be in every Now moment, and could be changed in this or any other Now moment, because within the Now lies all the power that ever was or ever will be, and nowhere else. “


In that first NDE – and his second, when he drowned 10 years later – he had life reviews.  It was, he says,  like a movie. 


“I was experiencing it from three, or more, different perspectives simultaneously: as the giver, the  receiver, and the neutral witness of every thought, word, and deed. I was the one doing, the one receiving what I was doing (and I was also those who were subsequently affected by those who were affected), and the one in the audience eating popcorn.


“The parts of “the movie”, where I had harmed others, felt almost unbearable as I myself had to experience the receiving end, and quickly pledged to never do anything like that again. Yet, at the same time it was all surrounded with unconditional love and forgiveness, because it was all about lessons and never about retribution. “


Prana was also given the “Five  Laws of Creation.”   We – each of us – are always at the center of creation,   “We are always deciding - whether or not we are aware of it - with every single thought, emotion, word, and deed what we will experience next.  And the more we evolve, the more possibilities we can experience simultaneously, yet none of them are Real, until we realize “God,” which is the aspect of us that is experiencing all possibilities simultaneously.”


An accomplished musician, Prana will also be playing the didgeridoo and his flutes for us!


Come welcome Prana  - and bring your questions!


East Bay IANDS monthly meetings are open to near-death experiencers and non-experiencers alike.  We provide a respectful place to discuss and voice opinions and experiences. NO DOGMA!  A $7-10 donation requested to help pay for rent and expenses; no one is turned away.  Wheelchair-accessible.


RUDRAMANDIR asks that you remove your shoes before entering the Lotus Room – but you’re encouraged to bring and wear slippers!

          You are encouraged to bring refreshments for sharing!  Thank you!


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2019 IANDS Conference: Save the Date & Call for Papers!




A Deeper Understanding and Sharing of the Gifts
August 29 - September 1, Valley Forge, PA


People who have had an extraordinary experience in their lives often change their perspective on human relationships and may develop special abilities to help others. The aftereffects of an Near-Death (NDE) or Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE) often prove to be the initiation of profound changes. We seek to provide a deeper understanding of these gifts, which allow all to live life with love, hope, joy, compassion, awareness, and connection to others. 

OPEN TO EVERYONE including researchers and others who seek affirmation and greater awareness of these extraordinary experiences!

Call for Papers! 919-383-7940

Note: Presentations of individual NDE stories will be scheduled on one of the NDEr Panels. If you want to be considered for an NDEr panel, specify that in the abstract. The Objectives, Outline and Degrees sections then do not need to be filled in.

IANDS Policy: IANDS’ purpose is to promote responsible, multi-disciplinary exploration of near-death and similar experiences. IANDS is impartial and open to the presentation of varying points of view. While all personal beliefs are respected, IANDS does not support proselytizing or promoting personal religious beliefs.

To submit a conference presentation proposal, download the following documents. Using the EXAMPLE file as a guide, fill out the Conference Proposal Form and e-mail or mail it to the IANDS Office.

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