Living in Alignment with Cosmic Consciousness

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No event in this world is more life-altering to an individual than the near-death experience. For every experiencer, the world is never again interpreted in the same way because it is

no longer seen as the primary field of existence.

The NDE results in undeniable self-knowledge and self-realization of the true nature of our 
existence and the purpose of life.

While experiencers have no doubt whatsoever that they have encountered the primary

field of existence, attempts to prove the validity and value of NDEs fall short. This remains

so even though tens of millions have had NDEs – people from every region in the world, at every age, from every religion or no religion, from people 
living "good" to "bad" lives.

Intellectual musings about NDEs falter because there literally are no words to describe

the dimension that is encountered, the language used can be misinterpreted and, in any

case, any intellectual case for the NDE can only be a theory. Meanwhile, scientific

experiments that primarily focus on the physiological processes associated with NDEs

miss its very essence. Even scientific explorations that acknowledge the NDE essence

as non-physical provide no guidance as to how to use this knowledge.

While NDEs differ in many ways, and those differences should not be discounted, the overwhelming commonalties are more important, and form the basis of the NDE Paradigm. The true measure of the power and cosmic truth of the near-death experience are the resulting unprecedented and irreversible changes in experiencer belief and behavior.

Living the NDE Paradigm provides far more impressive proof of NDE validity than any intellectual belief or scientific experiment because the positive changes in one’s life are monumental in nature, personally undeniable. . . and inevitable. They are inevitable because once the doors to cosmic consciousness are opened, significant changes

(see RESULTS) begin immediately upon application.

The more the Paradigm is applied, the greater the life transformation. In short,

living the NDE Paradigm replicates the essence of the NDE experience… without the practitioner suffering physical trauma.

Because living the NDE Paradigm does not necessitate a great deal of intellectual/scientific knowledge, it is accessible by all mentally healthy people.

Every single moment of life, every thought, is an opportunity to apply - or not apply - the Paradigm. The wisdom of choosing to apply the Paradigm becomes self-evident,

especially to non-experiencers, who will see the changes in their lives.

NDEs give experiencers knowledge. . .

but not necessarily wisdom. A person confused by life before a NDE 
may be even more confused afterward. Experiencers know they must apply the knowledge they received to this dimension – an extremely challenging task that necessitates personal decision-making. Living the NDE Paradigm does not eliminate that task – or its difficulty -

but helps one by providing a coherent plan for integrating NDEs 
into this dimension.

The NDE Paradigm is a spiritual compass that provides direction without dogma –

it is a truth, not the truth. It is based on cosmic consciousness, which underlies

all spiritual truths. Practitioners must always think for 
themselves and adjust and expand upon the Paradigm in light of their own life journey.

The NDE Paradigm cannot be lived on remote control, because it demands personal involvement. There can, and should be, other versions of the Paradigm.

Believing in the Paradigm will accomplish nothing; only the effort to apply it in its entirety

will achieve results.



1.  This is not the primary dimension of existence.

Any moment you are not aware of this, you are not living the 
NDE Paradigm.

The primary field of existence is one of unconditional love and compassion. "God"

is everything, collectively. You co-create the universe with "god."

You are not apart from "god;" you are a part of "god."

2.  You are, in essence, a vibration – or wave, or energy – a manifestation of unconditional love. The wording does not matter, the word "vibration" is only an approximation,

because the vibration you are is not a neutral energy, but rather one that is love,

compassion, and a knowingness of existence. When you die, what remains eternal

and living will be the real you – a vibration.

3.  Your mission on earth is to improve/evolve/self-realize your vibration.

You do not control anything or anyone else; your focus must be on yourself.

You improve your vibration through love – including self-love – and compassion.

"Acting" nice is of no benefit.

4.  You are not here to improve or "save" this world. This world was designed to be as it is, even with the brutality and harshness it offers.

However, by living the Paradigm of love and compassion, you will by definition 
improve the world. But you must concentrate on yourself.

5.  Intentions, rather than deeds or beliefs, are what matter.

Deeds have consequences in this dimension; in the primary dimension they matter only insofar as they are the result of intention. When you die, your true intentions,

motivations and thoughts from every moment of your life will be known to you.

These vibrations will be the measure of your life.

Your accomplishments or failures in material terms - or your station in life, from 

beginning to end - will mean nothing. The events in your life are never rewards or punishments.

6. There is no judgement when you die, save for self-judgement.

You will not be punished by some external god. You served god – and vice versa –

by taking this mission, and it is understood in the next dimension just how difficult –

and "unwinnable" – this life is.

The very concept of "sins" is wrong; you have instead made mistakes from which to learn.

7.  Every moment of your life has meaning. You will be challenged – and every challenge, every difficulty, every setback, should be viewed as an opportunity to achieve your mission of growth.

8.  The NDE Paradigm will not prevent difficult experiences – indeed, the Paradigm guarantees you will face challenges, some of which cannot be overcome.

Struggle is one avenue to growth.

9.  Joy, pleasure, happiness - all these are also avenues of growth.

Blissful moments improve your vibration; they are to be maximized.

An infinite number of sources for joy are always available – but while life challenges 
are provided, happiness must be sought.

Recognize and celebrate the simplest life pleasures at every 
opportunity. Identify with and delight in the happiness of others;

making these connections helps all achieve the life mission.

10.  You chose to accept this mission in the earthly dimension – knowing of the difficult

nature of existence in this dimension. As we are all connected, you may have even chosen a sacrificial life in order to provide others with opportunities for growth.

A child that lives for but a day has served his/her mission.


11. Love and have compassion for yourself and others.

Recognize that we have all taken on this difficult mission.

12.  Do not judge others.

Your mission is to take the situation you are presented with and to act in accordance 
with the Paradigm.

Nothing anyone does makes you respond in a certain way, it is your choice alone.

The fact that someone is doing something that seems hurtful to you or others is first and foremost an opportunity for you to improve your vibration through non-judgement.

Non-judgement does not preclude taking action, however. 
That is a choice you are free to make, and then your mission will be to apply the

Paradigm to the consequences. 
All experience is knowledge to be converted into wisdom.

13.  You must not judge yourself and – as you should do with others – look at every thought and action that falls short of living the Paradigm as a mistake rather than a sin; more importantly, as an opportunity from which to learn. In the primary dimension, you will not be punished by any external force for even your worst moments; it serves no purpose to judge/punish yourself in this dimension. You will, however, feel the full weight 
of everything you’ve lived – from thoughts to actions – and not just know but EXPERIENCE exactly how these affected others. You will hold yourself accountable, measuring the success of your mission in life in terms of the love and compassion you provided to others. Your shortcomings are necessary for growth; it is guaranteed you will fall short at times, perhaps your entire life. But failing to learn from these mistakes will only assure you will 
repeat these patterns.

14.  Recognize that we are all at different points of our mission.

The behavior of someone else at this particular time is part of their mission; your mission in encountering them at this time is to react in accordance with the 
Paradigm. Do not expect anything of anyone; demand only of yourself. You cannot control what happens to you; you can only control your reaction to those events.

15.  Look for every opportunity to help others through word or deed – not for a cosmic reward, but out of genuine love and compassion. Every time you do so, you improve your vibration and thus fulfill your mission.

16. Focus on the journey, not the destination – this life is not all there is.

There is no destination to be reached in this lifetime, thus you cannot fall short of reaching it. When this life ends, the journey continues.

17.  Self-insight is crucial to living the NDE Paradigm.

If you cannot follow these actions, or are confused or seriously conflicted in the attempt,

your body/mind may be broken, and you should consult with others, including medical personnel.


18. You will see life more clearly than ever before, because you will be in accordance with cosmic consciousness. You will be more mentally well-balanced than ever before.

19. When you interpret life through the Paradigm, you will re-assess all you have done in your life. Guilt – and fear of punishment – is eliminated.

20.  Every moment of your life has meaning when you live the Paradigm. Every thought matters, and is an opportunity for growth. Everything makes sense, including setbacks.

21. You will come at every decision in life from the soundest foundation possible.

Even if a decision you make does not yield success, you will not agonize over it because you made the best choices you could.

22. Living the Paradigm will NOT prevent challenges or a difficult life.

It will not provide material success. It will not guarantee happiness – but it will provide the best balm possible in challenging times because you will correctly understand what is actually happening. And in this, eventually, it will guarantee serenity even in the 
face of what was previously thought of as unbearable.

23.  The love and compassion you provide to others primarily serves you -

because in the act of letting love flow through you, you are also its recipient.

But this act will also attract love and compassion.

24.   You will reduce or eliminate the re-occurring mistakes of your life. Life-long bad habits, actions or thoughts will give way to radically different, life-enhancing changes. These changes, over time, will become the automatic, default reactions of your life.

25.         You will feel a greater connection with other people – even those you do not speak or directly interact with – because of your compassion.

26.          You will reduce anger and frustration by not judging others – or humanity or the world at large - and instead recognize they are on their own unique mission, and that even horrific mistakes are fundamentally necessary for the world to serve its purpose.